Kid's Menu


Wak-a-Mole-ee - A platter of chips under tons of melted cheese topped with our own guacamole.  $9.99

Fried Cheese - Cheese dipped in batter, deep-fried to a golden brown and served with our ranch dressing.  $9.99

Zucchini - Breaded and deep-fried, served with ranch dressing.  $9.99

Half & Half - An assortment of fried zucchini & cheese served with ranch dressing.  $9.49

Chips & Queso $8.99

Guacamole & Chips $8.99

Chips & Salsa $2.99

Soups & Salad

Salads served with your choice of dressing. Ranch, bleu cheese, thousand island, French, Italian, honey mustard, fat free ranch, fat free raspberry

Chicken & Pigs in the Garden - A delightful salad of mixed greens topped with ham, chicken and other goodies.* $11.99

Chicken Coop - Slices of chicken breast, avocado wedges, toasted almonds, mixed greens & other goodies.  $11.99

Rosebud Tomato - One half of a tomato topped with your choice of tuna or chicken salad on a bed of mixed greens with other assorted goodies.* $11.99

Alligator Pear - Sliced avocado topped with choice of tuna or chicken salad on a bed of mixed greens with other assorted goodies.  $11.99

Cold Day Warmer - A bowl of your choice of soup served with a nice warm grilled cheese on Texas toast.  $9.99

Nellie Bea's Chicken Pot Pie - Served with honey cornbread and honey butter.  $10.99

Granny's Old Fashioned Hearty Beef Stew - Served with honey cornbread and honey butter.  $11.39

Stock Pot - A bowl of soup from the hearth with honey cornbread and honey butter.  $10.99

Emily Lynn's Green Chili Turkey Pot Pie - Served with honey cornbread and honey butter.  $10.99

Chicken Egg Pie & Garden Greens - Quiche of the day and a mixed green salad or a cup of soup.  $10.99

Soup & Garden Greens - A bow1 of soup and a mixed green salad.  $9.79

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase you risk of foodborne illness.


Served with your choice of one side.

Le Ham & Cheese - Thinly sliced ham topped with tomatoes and melted Swiss cheese.  $11.49 

Le Chicken - A croissant filled with delicious chicken salad and topped with shredded lettuce and tomatoes.  $11.79

Le Tuna - Light chunk tuna salad stuffed in a croissant, sprinkled with shredded cheese, shredded lettuce and tomatoes.  $11.79


1/2 lb. ground beef patty served on a toasted bun with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, a pickle spear and choice of melted Swiss, cheddar, jack or American cheese. Served with your choice of side. 

Country Fare Blue Ribbon Burger $9.79

Green Chile Cheeseburger $10.99

Avocado Bacon Cheeseburger $10.99

Guacamole Burger $10.99

Uncle Herman's Chicken Sandwiches

7 oz. of broiled breast of chicken served on a toasted bun with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and choice of melted Swiss, jack or American cheese. Served with your choice of side.

Broiled Chicken Breast $11.79    

Guacamole Chicken $11.79
Green Chile Cheese Chicken $11.79
Teriyaki Chicken $11.79
Avocado Bacon Cheese Chicken $11.79
BBQ Chicken $11.79

On the Lighter Side

Substitute a side for soup if you would like.

Half Sandwich & Cup of Soup $8.99

Sandwich selections: Albuquerque Turkey, Beef Stack, Christy's Famous BLT, The Harvest, Le Chicken, Le Tuna

Old-Tyme Favorites

Served with country fries homemade mashed potatoes, corn on the cob or steamed broccoli.

Chicken Fried Chicken - Breaded chicken breast smothered in country gravy.  $12.99
Chicken Strip Dinner - Breaded, boneless chicken breast strips served with BBQ sauce.  $12.99
Country Fried Steak - Breaded beefsteak smothered in country gravy.  $12.99
Cousin Homer's Ham - Broiled ham steak topped with pineapple rings.  $12.99


Served on a bed of rice with steamed vegetables.

Aunt Jane's Smothered Chicken - Boneless, broiled chicken breast topped with sautéed onions, mushrooms & melted jack cheese.  $12.99
Acapulco Chicken - Boneless, broiled chicken topped with our homemade guacamole and melted cheese.  $12.99
Teriyaki Chicken - Marinated and broiled breast of chicken topped with pineapple rings.  $12.99

Specialty Sandwiches

Served with your choice of one side.

Country Club - Triple decker ham, turkey and Swiss cheese topped with bacon, lettuce and tomatoes, then grilled on whole wheat to perfection. Accompanied by a side of chile con queso and chips.  $11.99

The Beef Fritter - Our country fried steak served on a toasted bun, topped with lettuce, tomatoes and melted cheddar cheese.  $11.99

Albuquerque Turkey - Sliced breast of turkey, avocado and green chile topped with jack cheese, lettuce and tomatoes on grilled sourdough bread.  $11.69

Beef Stack - Choice roasted beef, melted cheddar cheese, green chile, lettuce and tomatoes served on grilled sourdough bread.  $11.69

Christy's Famous BLT - Strips of bacon with melted jack cheese, wedges of avocado, lettuce, tomatoes, grilled on delicious whole wheat bread.  $11.49

Sheepherder - A flour tortilla filled with corned beef, green chile, Swiss cheese, lettuce and tomatoes.  $11.99

Uncle Reuben - Triple-decker hot corned beef, turkey, Swiss cheese, red onions, sauerkraut, lettuce and tomatoes prepared with our special dressing on grilled rye bread.  $12.49

The Harvest - Half an avocado layered between slices of jack cheese with mayonnaise, sliced cucumbers, lettuce, sunflower seeds and sliced tomatoes. Served on whole wheat bread.  $11.49

Broiled Specialties

12 oz. groud sirloin served with your choice of country fries, homemade mashed potatoes, rice or baked potato

Ground Sirloin  - Cooked the way you like it.  $12.39

Green Chile Ground Sirloin - Topped with melted Swiss cheese and green chile.  $12.99 

Aunt Jane's Sauteed Grounder - Topped with sauteed on ions, mushrooms and melted jack cheese.  $12.99


One serving of our homemade chips and salsa served with each Mexican entree

The Lorenzo - A delicious beef patty served on a bed of homemade beans and papitas.  Smothered with our green chile sauce and chile con queso.  Topped with garnish. $10.99

Enchiladas - Your choice of cheese or chicken, smothered with red or green chile.  Served with papitas and beans.  Topped with garnish.  $10.99

Huevos Rancheros - 2 eggs on top of your choice of corn or flour tortillas, red or green chile. Served with papitas and beans topped with garnish.  $9.99

Southwestern Taco Salad - Mixed greens topped with shredded chicken breast, fresh beans, spicy tortilla and jalapeno strips, diced onion and tomato.  Topped with shredded cheese.  Served with our homemade green chile ranch.  $11.29


Country Fries
Mashed Potatoes
Homemade Potato Chips
Banana Nut Bread
Potato Salad
Side of the Day


Apple Pie - Full of apple slices and cinnamon.  $5.69  Add: Ice cream $1.49

New York Cheesecake $5.69 Add: Cherry or blueberry topping $1.29

Black Cow Root Beer Float - Made the old-fashioned way  $5.29

Devil’s Food Cake - A double chocolate treat  $6.29

German Chocolate Cake - Our triple-decker delight  $6.29

Carrot Cake - Made with mom's secret recipe  $6.29

Big John's Peanut Butter Pie $6.29

French Vanilla Ice Cream $4.49

Hot Fudge Sundae* $5.99

Pie of the Day $5.69

*Contains nuts



Iced Tea - Regular or sweet, cinnamon orange

Cold - Cranberry Juice

Cold - Lemonade

Cold - Milk

Cold - Chocolate Milk

Cold - Buttermilk

Hot - Coffee or Tea

Hot - Brewed Decaf Coffee

Hot - Hot Chocolate